Crazy whit crop tops & dresses


¡Hi girls! 💛
How are you today? I'm very happy, because the summer is coming, fell the sun in the skin, and can go to the beach or swimmingpool. Don't you like it? I love it! 😍
Have you got clothes or new clothes for Spring/Summer? I have to renove the closet, because the clothes of one year ago, is small for me!! 
I have discover the Yoins website, and I saw many clothes/accesories/shoes/bags with a good price and perfect quality! If you are looking for the perfect look spring/summer but you don’t want to buy expensive clothes, I think that this website can you interesting.
I'm going to show you some clothes that for me are very good 😉

Lately, I'm enjoying the crop tops and the dresses, either day or night well dressed.
I choose crops tops and dresses in this website, the more that i like it. I hope that you like it too! 😉



These garments go very well with high-rise pants, as they make a very good figure to the body, and I think that the girls most want to look good.😊
I have chosen some for the day and others for the night, depending on what pants and with what accessories they can serve us to party or to go out on the street for the day with friends.



The dresses are a garment that makes you look elegant, and are very comfortable for everything, since you do not have to be wearing many clothes on top, otherwise it is easy to put it on and take it off in a moment! Put on some good heels and elegant jewelry and you'll be a princess!💁💗

What do you think? Do you also love these clothes? 
Say me in the comments 💋

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  1. Great selection of items <3

  2. Amazing selection! Love all these dresses!

  3. Me encantan los crop top! El azul es total!


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